Timney Trigger CZ 457 10 oz to 2 lb Black


Timney’s customers have been asking for a dedicated CZ Model 457 rimfire trigger for hunting and competition shooting. They asked, Timney delivered. For the discriminating shooter demanding the utmost performance from their trigger, the CZ 457 is designed to be robust, user-friendly, adjustable for pull weight and over travel, yet delicate enough to be set with a pull weight as low as 10 ounces or up to 2 pounds. Every part of the trigger is machined using state-of-the-art technology – no skimping with metal injection molding or stamped, old-school parts. The CZ 457 replacement trigger features Timney’s Sear Engagement Adjustment Lock designed, (SEAL’d) that ensures a user-friendly experience.


The trigger’s sear and trigger shoe are precision-machined, heat treated to 56 Rockwell with a black oxide trigger coating and an NP-3 coated sear for maximum lubricity and a lifetime of reliable performance. The secret to becoming more accurate with your rifle? It all starts with an amazing trigger and this trigger, is truly amazing.