Timney Rifle Trigger Remington 700, 40X Two-Stage Right Hand Black


The Remington Rifle Trigger Two-Stage Curved for Right Hand shooters is a true drop in trigger for the Remington 700 and 40X. It features a Timney designed, unique trigger blocking safety, and is factory calibrated and ready to shoot. Fully adjustable for sear engagement (creep), over travel (follow-through), and pull weight. This two-stage trigger is adjustable from 8 ounces (1st stage) to 1 pound (2nd stage).


  • Trigger increases rifle accuracy
  • Trigger will not move while on safe
  • Fully adjustable for feel
  • Fully calibrated, creep, follow-through, and pull weight
  • Drop-In Ready out of the Box
  • No Gunsmithing Required